Rural Action Derbyshire

Rural Action Derbyshire - Village Halls

Rural Action Derbyshire’s core belief is that no-one should be unfairly disadvantaged because they live in a rural area, and we have made impressive strides towards eradicating these disadvantages for many people - despite the challenges of the past two years. We are the only organisation in Derbyshire devoted to the needs of rural communities and one of only a few voluntary sector infrastructure organisations with a countywide reach.

Despite its idyllic image, rural communities have pockets of isolation and deprivation, as well as difficulties accessing services. We help to tackle these difficulties through several avenues of support, ranging from community oil buying to reduce fuel costs - which will only become more important with the soaring cost of living - to supporting food banks and community kitchens in their work - which is increasingly vital as more families are pushed towards food poverty post-COVID. Our staff are passionate about fairness and social justice, and our projects and services are built on a common foundation that values equality for rural communities. We will continue to champion the needs of people living in rural areas so that they are not disadvantaged by where they live.