Ruby Cooke

Migrant Help

Ruby’s journey with our organisation has been truly inspiring. Starting as a dedicated volunteer at Napier in 2021, Ruby demonstrated an immediate passion for supporting migrants. Her hard work led her to become a telephone advisor with Migrant Help in September 2022 and an Advisor in our Napier office by November 2023. Ruby's contributions are diverse and impactful, including her crucial role in the thriving allotment project and her commitment to understanding and appreciating our clients' cultures. She has learned Farsi, engaged with Persian cuisine, and recently completed First Aid and Fire Marshall training, ensuring on-site safety and well-being. Ruby’s exceptional interpersonal skills, resilience, and continuous professional development make her an essential part of our team. Her ability to connect with and support residents and colleagues has transformed Napier into a more inclusive and nurturing environment. Ruby’s dedication, compassion, and proactive approach embody the spirit of the Rising Star Award, making her a deserving candidate for this recognition.