Royal Voluntary Service

No charity has has has been more involved and had more volunteers on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis than Royal Voluntary Service (RVS). Through it's existing charity services and through the NHS Volunteer Responders Scheme (NHSVR), RVS mobilised >1 million volunteers to support the most vulnerable members of society to stay safe and at home during the pandemic. In order to do this, RVS blended the best of humanity with digital innovation to ensure members of the public could easily and quickly support those needing to isolate by supporting them with vital tasks. The scheme was set up at pace and at scale and has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to stay safe as well as actively reducing pressure on the NHS. As well as working on the frontline of the crisis, RVS has been working with Government and decision makers to advise on the future of volunteering. The charity's crucial ambition is to ensure we keep the volunteer workforce generated by the COVID-19 crisis engaged and willing to support the country long term.