The UK is a nation of pet lovers. Unfortunately, our relationship with rescue pets is more complicated. Although 92% of people think rescuing a pet is the right thing to do, when it comes to actually getting a dog or cat more go to a breeder. Perceptions that rescue animals are damaged alongside increased appetite for designer breeds mean that puppies are seen as the more straightforward choice. Our ‘Rescue Is Our Favourite Breed’ campaign is part of Battersea’s ambitious plan to change hearts and minds about rescue animals and normalise rescue to encourage behaviour change in the long-term. To create the impact needed we had to be brave – the campaign breaks every rule of rescue sector advertising. There are no heart-wrenching backstories or sad eyes behind bars. Instead, the campaign boldly and joyfully celebrates rescue animals as heroes of their own stories – not perfect, but definitely worth it. Breaking the rules pays off. The campaign is cutting through (50% recall, increasing 72% since launch), changing hearts and minds (perceptions that rescue animals are desirable increasing 15% vs pre-campaign), driving action (7 in 10 campaign viewers take an action) and building brand health (donation intent increasing 43% vs pre-campaign).