Remembering Jodie: Preventing knife crime through education and campaigning

The Ben Kinsella Trust

Our award-winning knife crime prevention exhibition follows the journey of both victims and offenders, and shows our young visitors the devastating consequences of knife crime. We tell real stories of real people involved in knife crime; 'Remembering Jodie' tells Jodie Chesney's story.

Jodie was a young girl local to us in Barking & Dagenham, who was brutally murdered in an unprovoked knife attack in 2019. She was just 17 when she died. The film, created in partnership with the Jodie Chesney Foundation, tells of the "proud geek" that Jodie was, her many hobbies, her loving family and her close personal friendships. It portrays the total devastation and irreversible changes that knife crime causes. The film is used exclusively in our knife crime prevention exhibition in Barking and is shown to children and young people from the local area. It brings a local relevancy to the exhibition, demonstrating that anyone can fall victim to knife crime, and that knife crime is everyone's problem.