Ramadan 2020 Campaign

Islamic Relief

The Ramadan Campaign of 2020 aimed to reach out to both the Muslim and wider community and explained why we do what we do. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the messaging was revised to reflect this new challenge. Islamic Relief responded to the pandemic, keeping vulnerable communities safe in the UK and around the world. Our campaign messaging built on this idea of ‘safety’ – both to help build trust and to generate income. At a time where public trust in charities had been falling, in the lead up to Ramadan, our ‘pre-Ramadan’ messaging aimed to build trust with the main strapline, ‘Your donations are in safe hands’. This helped to provide feedback to our supporters, and develop testimonials by our key supporters and sector leaders telling the public why their donations are in safe hands with Islamic Relief. With the NHS being a beacon of hope during Covid-19, our supporters who are doctors and nurses also helped to deliver this testimonial content. As Ramadan began, we shifted our messaging to ask the public to ‘keep people safe from conflict, hunger, disease and Covid-19. Islamic Relief’s Ramadan campaign exceeded its target by raising in excess of £15 million in one month.