Programmes Team

Hatch Enterprise

The Hatch Enterprise programmes team do vital work in advancing social justice in the UK and should be recognised for their passion for building a fairer society, as well as their commitment to delivering the best outcomes and the best support for the charity’s beneficiaries.

Over the past year they have scaled up the number of programmes run, amount of founders engaged, and depth of impact achieved. Upon completing a programme beneficiaries self-reported over 100% increases in both their own wellbeing, and ability to run their organisation. The demand for the support we provide has been growing as more people hear about the impact of our programmes, but also more people are hit by the cost of living crisis, by the ongoing ripple effect of the pandemic, and by the ever growing need to solve a problem they see in their community. The programmes team has delivered more programmes to more founders than ever before, providing a tailored and compassionate service to each and every beneficiary, ensuring that they never have to go through a challenge alone. The result of this support is that founders feel better able to increase the impact their business is having on their community.