Procurement with purpose

Family Fund Business Services

Family Fund Business Services (FFBS) was launched in 2013 by our parent charity, Family Fund, to share best practice and collaborate with other charities, local authorities and housing associations. As the trading subsidiary of a charity, and a registered social enterprise, we hold the same ethical values and focus on sharing our expertise, so together we can achieve more. FFBS gifts its profits to Family Fund as unrestricted funding to strengthen the financial position of the charity and increase the diversity of its funding sources to further benefit families raising disabled and seriously ill children. Since launching, FFBS has donated over £6.5 million to Family Fund – increasing its profits year-on-year to donate over £3 million to the charity over the last two years - and gifted back over £2.5 million to customers in rebates by sharing supplier-volume-related discounts. FFBS has an ethos of continuous improvement so that it can best support its customers, helping them to help even more people. FFBS has increased its range of suppliers and services over the years and has launched a fulfilment portal to streamline customers’ ordering processes.