Prism the Gift Fund

The finance team at Prism the Gift Fund, ‘Prism’, consists of four dedicated team members who have overseen Prism’s overall income increase by 110% to £94m June’20 (financial year end) vs. £45m in June’19. Every day they support Prism’s team to arrange distributions that totalled £53m at June’20 year end, up from £32m in June’19. Prism is a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) and provides charitable administration services to individuals, groups and foundations making significant gifts to charities causes globally. Prism’s Head of Finance, Falgun Patel, joined Prism Dec’ 2018 and his approach to problem solving has been transformational to Prism’s financial processes. Falgun has sought innovative and creative ways to report, order and restructure Prism’s financial processes.