Priced Out Of Existence Campaign

Kidney Care UK

There are about 30,000 people with kidney failure on dialysis in the UK; many are often extremely cold due to anaemia and 5,000 of these receive dialysis treatment at home. We believe that home dialysis should be an equal choice for all, regardless of your income or where you live, but sadly reimbursement for utilities is not uniform across the UK, many don’t receive anything at all. This is unacceptable. After hearing from increasing numbers of dialysis patients that they’re having to choose between dialysing, heating their homes and putting food on the table, we knew we needed to act. Kidney Care UK made a conscious decision to immediately do more to support patients at a time when our community needs us more than ever. We created a campaign to raise awareness of the impact the cost of living crisis was having on kidney patients, so that we could reach and engage new audiences and support more people who need us. We chose video to be the key driver of this campaign because we wanted to tell a real story in real words; the dark and gritty reality of exactly what the cost of living increases mean for kidney patients.