Power of a Painting

Paintings in Hospitals

“Power of a Painting” is a film commissioned and produced by Paintings in Hospitals, to inspire better health, wellbeing, and creativity. By telling the story of our charity and by sharing the first-hand accounts of how art and creativity has impacted upon the patients, carers and communities across England and Wales whom we engage with, we hope to shine a light upon what we do, how we do it, and why; because we believe art makes lives better. Our Founder, Sheridan Russell first put a painting on a hospital wall back in 1959, and observed how it improved the wellbeing of patients and carers. Since then, a wealth of research has been undertaken into the benefits of art on health and wellbeing. Paintings in Hospitals is now home to a collection of over 3,800 artworks by world-class artists and our aim is to use this high-quality art and our creative workshops and other activities to transform the UK’s health and wellbeing. This short film depicts unscripted and personal anecdotes from individuals who wanted to share how seeing and “using” our art has changed their environments, perceptions, and sense of wellbeing.