UK Federation of Chinese Professionals

Peter founded and chairs the UK Federation of Chinese Professionals (UKFCP), the national community organisation of four regional professional associations for the advancement of over 200,000 global Chinese professionals in the country.

More recently, as UKFCP Chair, Peter founded the Global Diaspora Coalition with the UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) and convened over 230 diaspora federations and associations from around the world to combat Covid-19 pandemic. He introduced the concept of and established the first national virtual third party reporting centre with Police Scotland. Moreover, Peter recruited a global team of 900 professionals to create the second global virtual support centre in Cameroon after establishing the first in the UK, endeavouring to reach out to and safeguard more vulnerable communities across the world.

Over the decade, Peter has devoted himself to promoting unity and diversity in the country through social innovation. He previously advised on diaspora strategies at the United Nations, Scottish Government, local councils, universities, SMEs, the World Overseas Professional Associations' Chairpersons Conferences by Chinese State Council.

Peter is a leading advocate for ethnic minority professionals in the country. He also supports as chair at a number of leading community associations in the UK, China and Africa.