People, Dignity and Purpose

Goods for Good (Global)

In the last year this exceptional corporate partnership has; delivered relief to 1000’s of mothers and children fleeing war-torn Ukraine in refugee camps across Europe; delivered to 100’s of refugees from Afghanistan settling in the UK; delivered 1000’s items to some of the most vulnerable families across Britain.

Founded on a shared vision of people, dignity, and purpose. This vital partnership helps to reach those beset by poverty, tragedy, or disaster by delivering life-changing goods which help restore dignity and hope in vulnerable communities around the world. While making a significant contribution to sustainability through recycling and reusing goods. Goods for Good (GFG) brings their expertise in sourcing large quantities of essential goods such as clothing, medicines, hospital beds, and essential hygiene products, matching them to pre-identified areas of need and co-ordinating the distribution and logistics to the UK and overseas. Uniqlo, the leading Japanese global fashion brand, bring its passion for changing the world by creating sustainable fashion to this collaboration. Through their global partnership with UNCHR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), they use the power of clothing to create a better tomorrow, with clothes recycling being one part of their sustainability strategy to Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.