Pearl Cross

The Jack Hazeldine Foundation

Having stepped out of the corporate boat in 2018, Pearls first two years as a Charity CEO have delivered profound and dynamic transformation. Organisational growth in all areas has been exponential; A 426% increase in delivery outreach and diversification of a youth mentoring programme to include bespoke tutoring, outdoor workshops, and therapeutic provisions has led to a doubling of staff. Hiring Pearl as the JHFs first ever CEO was a necessary but significant financial risk, with charitable reserves critically low and the future of the organization in question by members and funders. Reserves have since increased by 556% and the JHF is a flourishing, happy place to work. Pearl orchestrated a shared vision of change, modelling an exemplary level of commitment and skill, a high degree of sensitivity and empathy; and an unwavering belief in what she was doing. Her resilience when faced with the pandemic was remarkable. With the simple strategy to “get everyone rowing in the same direction”, Pearl paid great attention to engaging peoples’ hearts and activating the power of collective purpose which led to the lowering of barriers, far greater passion, and empathy for the young people we support as well as for each other.