Partnering with Deloitte to improve the career prospects of under-represented young people in the UK.

Blueprint for All

Since 2020, Blueprint for All has partnered with Deloitte to boost the education and employment prospects of young people from disadvantaged and diverse ethnic backgrounds, giving them the inspiration and support they need to succeed. Our relationship brings together Deloitte’s social goal of promoting the employability of under-represented groups with Blueprint for All’s mission to create a future where talent is respected and nurtured, irrespective of where it comes from.

In the period spanning June 2023 to May 2024, our partnership supported over 18257 students through initiatives including bursaries, mentoring, career toolkits and the launch of a one-stop shop digital platform for education and career resources. Over 250 Deloitte professionals have contributed to the projects through volunteering, fundraising and pro bono work, as part of the firm’s 5 Million Futures impact strategy.

Our partnership with Deloitte is helping to expand the reach of our work at a time when talent from diverse ethnic heritage and less privileged socio-economic backgrounds is still under-represented in most industries and professions. By removing some of the barriers preventing diverse talent to access fulfilling careers, the partnership is helping pave the way to an inclusive society where all young people can thrive.