Part of the Heart

Different Kettle x RAF Benevolent Fund

A target smashing legacy campaign for the RAF Benevolent Fund, breaking the mould for military charities by focusing on the contemporary and future needs of the 'RAF Family.' Refocusing perceptions of the RAF as defenders of country, freedom, and families. The RAF Benevolent Fund was positioned as a deserving widespread support, encouraging individuals to include it in their Wills to support that Family.

Targeting a classic 50+ legacy audience, we used pin-sharp, insight-driven targeting. Recognising the importance of having a connection to the RAF: through service, knowing someone who served, or interest in the RAF/aircraft - we enhanced demographic targeting with interest targeting.

TV featured genuine beneficiaries, highlighting the cross-generational RAF Family. The hand-woven charity logo, a symbolic backdrop across channels, urging legators to become ‘part of the heart’ of the RAF Family through their gift. The campaign, extending from press to social media, featured stories of gratitude from beneficiaries and family members, fostering a connection with potential legators.

The result was a campaign that was 159% up against target for generating prospects; a TV ad that had estimated viewing figure of 7,505,400 impacts in one month alone; and 8 legacy pledgers with a future estimated income of approx. £600k.