Our Frontline

Mind, Hospice UK, Samaritans and Shout

We all remember where we were in March 2020 when Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared a national emergency as the global pandemic spread. As we closed our doors, our hopes lay with the UK’s 10 million key workers, including over 1 million NHS and care staff, to keep us safe.

Frontline workers were now facing the emotional impact of getting the country through the crisis; being there for people affected by coronavirus, as well as the anxiety of encountering an unknown virus, prolonged isolation, long working hours and emotionally challenging situations. They put their own mental health and wellbeing at risk, to protect the rest of us. Who was going to be there to look after the people looking after us? Five charities united to support the UK’s frontline workers’ mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic. Samaritans, Mind, Hospice UK and Shout, with the support of The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. With just a week from kick-off call to launch, the charity collaboration demonstrates the real power of working in partnership in times of crisis, to ensure that every frontline and key worker in the UK has access to 24/7 emotional support.