NRAS Helpline

National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS)

During the early stages of the pandemic the NRAS helpline team worked flat out to fill the information void for those with inflammatory arthritis who were struggling to know how vulnerable they were and what they should do to keep themselves safe. Within the first month of the pandemic we had a 600% increase in phone calls alone to our helpline and many hundreds more emails throughout the pandemic. Despite working remotely for their safety from COVID and handling calls from often very distraught and terrified people the helpline team of 4 ladies remained positive and reassuring. They worked tirelessly to gather the latest evidenced and reliable information to share with callers and via our website and social media platforms tackling head on the dangerous misinformation that was circulating. All patient organisations played a vital role in disseminating information during COVID and continue to do so but the NRAS Helpline were exceptional during what was and continues to be incredibly challenging times.