North Devon Hospice Marketing & Communications Team

North Devon Hospice

A complete transformation in communications. In just one year, this small team of four has:

- Developed and rolled out a complete rebrand (designed in-house, no less) - Delivered a radical new social media strategy - Doubled the number of patient/family stories - Delivered record fundraising participant numbers - Managed a new website build - Learned new skills - Oh, and half the team ran the London Marathon and raised £9,000, while the others cheered from the roadside!

However, the most significant achievement is the relationships built with our care teams, utterly crucial in delivering vibrant and insightful hospice comms. The wariness towards storytelling melted away, following a huge time investment to build understanding. Nurses who were social media sceptics are now filming content. Staff who would hide from the camera are now ‘shaking their thang’ on our Insta and TikTok.

The strategic imperative was re-establishing our story and re-emphasising our case for support, combatting donor fatigue and a crowded marketplace. Amazing results followed. Social followers up 40%. Reach up 500%. 100% increase in patient-centred content. Flagship event participants up 65%.

North Devon Hospice’s comms team have had a transformative year… and are just getting started!