Non-Fungible Testicles


In April 2022, as part of Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, Movember launched Non-Fungible Testicles, in partnership with street artist MISHKA and MRM. Not just another NFT. The first NFT that has the ability to save a life.

Testicular cancer is treatable and highly curable when caught early, but most guys don’t know how to check themselves. It’s actually easy — getting familiar with your testicles on a regular basis will help you know what’s normal, then act if anything changes. We released 8000 unique sets of non-fungible testicles on to the blockchain. To get people in the habit, Non-Fungible Testicles reward owners for "checking" on their NFT artwork, unlocking rare bonus traits. Forget to check them, and lose these valuable traits. These "checks" are actually run-throughs of a physical self exam, teaching men to check their nuts in real life. Most importantly, proceeds from the purchase of the Non‑Fungible Testicles help support Movember’s work in men’s health. See more: