In recent years many of us have become aware of how sport, especially football, can be used for social good. But rarely do causes look beyond football’s reach and influence to truly embed themselves within the fabric of the game.

In 2021, in response to the growing housing emergency, Shelter used football to spotlight homelessness and create lasting change. For the 2021 Boxing Day fixtures Shelter created #NoHomeKit and established a new annual campaign co-opting football’s unique relationship with ‘home’ to create debate and inspire action in a new army of supporters. At the core of #NoHomeKit was a simple and powerful idea. Shelter asked fans and players across the football community to make one simple change: swap your home kit for an away one in aid of Shelter. In #NoHomeKit’s inaugural year, Shelter successfully created a coalition across football made up of players, teams, brands and talent. By creating an idea that changed the meaning of what already existed within football culture, rather than create something new, Shelter infiltrated communities and created a campaign that was accessible to all. The end result revitalised the nation’s willingness to fight homelessness.