No Diversity Without Disfluency

STAMMA, the British Stammering Association

In this short film STAMMA invite the media to show people who stammer in films and on TV, not just on one day a year - when people are interviewed about their stammer - but all year around. And ideally not just about stammering. People who stammer can be great communicators, scientists, actors, playwrights, media commentators. Stammering is just how some people talk, but unless we see and hear people stammer then the stigma and shame around having a stammer will continue.

The film follows the stammering inner monologue of someone jaded by online petitions. As we follow the ludicrous and impossible things petitions have tried to change, everything seems hopeless. However, our voice comes to see that pessimism isn’t all petitions are good for. By admitting that we know that recognise and showing how mad or impossible some of them can be, we can get more people to sign them; showing what we are asking for isn’t impossible in comparison. We just want to see people who stammer on TV.