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Award winning care home manager

Nicolas started from a housekeeper and made his way up as care home manager He is a rising star from NCF and also an active fundraiser for Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer's Research.

Nicolas is originally from Mauritius and started his career in care as a housekeeper and made his way up to an award winning manager 

He was previously manager of the Outstanding rated Arthur House Care Home in Wimbledon which was among the first few care home on 2017 and has a successful career in social care where he has been recognized as a rising star by National Care forum

Nicolas was named the Inspiring Dementia Leader in 2017 by the National Dementia Care Awards 

Nicolas also appeared in the skills for care campaign to encourage young people to join the care sector in 2014. He is currently studying a Master Degree in Dementia at Stirling University and is very passionate about dementia.

Nicolas believes in person centre care. He is an active fundraiser for Alzheimer's Research and Alzheimer's society 

‘My philosophy is one that embrace holistic care, I pride myself in leading a care team that delivers care that is person centered and cultural sensitive care is provided to residents, family and friends'