NHS Charities Together

In an extraordinary year, NHS Charities Together went from a small membership focused charity with a team of four to raising over £150m for NHS charities to support NHS staff, volunteers and patients combating the Covid crisis. We became a household name along the way thanks in part to the extraordinary fundraising efforts of Captain Sir Tom Moore and countless others. We raised £100m in the first six weeks of our Covid-19 appeal and thanks to the Herculean efforts of our tiny team, a group of amazing volunteers and our trustees and members, we created a UK-wide grants programme from scratch, distributing £20m in urgent funding within weeks and £30m within six months . So far we have made £125m available to NHS charities in every part of the UK. While distributing that funding, we also nearly doubled our membership and supported the fundraising efforts of thousands of individuals and organisations. As a result, we got vital support to NHS staff, volunteers and patients at the height of the pandemic and have put in place an unprecedented funding programme to help them and the NHS more widely recover from the biggest crisis it has ever faced.