Neuroblastoma Parent Global Symposium

Solving Kids' Cancer UK

The impact of the pandemic has been far reaching and the neuroblastoma community has been deeply affected; the families Solving Kids’ Cancer UK support are particularly vulnerable as their children are immunocompromised. Entire families have shielded, isolating themselves further to protect their vulnerable child and impacting disproportionately on their emotional wellbeing. Demand for our service grew and we worked swiftly to bring our dedicated Family Support Service online but the greatest impact on our service provision was the cancellation of our in-person annual conference which is dedicated to neuroblastoma parents in the UK.

SKC is the only organisation in the UK that provides a conference dedicated to the neuroblastoma parent community, this vital event was cancelled in 2020 and 2021. The cancellation of this event has given us the opportunity to innovate, extend our reach and provide families from across the world a place to come together, access vital information and share experience via the Neuroblastoma Global Parent Symposium. We are a small but mighty charity with children firmly at its heart. We are striving for better outcomes for children and families affected by the devastating childhood cancer neuroblastoma. We do this through three key pillars: Research, Support and Awareness.