National Trust Fundraising Team

National Trust

The National Trust Fundraising Team achieved record income for the second year in a row in 2022/23. This success was achieved across all income streams: legacies, philanthropy, corporate, grants, and public fundraising. The funds raised support the National Trust to protect heritage and nature for everyone forever.

Highlights include: -Largest single gift from a philanthropic donation - Hamish Ogston Foundation £6.2m for new conservation apprenticeships – which contributed to the highest year for philanthropy income since 2008 -143,000 trees planted thanks to our Plant-a-Tree campaign - over £2m income generated since launch from over 100,000 donations -Highest legacy income ever and best year for legacy engagements in the past 10 years -£11m raised in grants for nature from 82 applications (over 80% success rate) -Record second-hand bookshop income (donated goods) -Nearly ½ million people took part in our virtual Strava Challenge: “Move for trees…” These are all huge achievements in their own right, but against the backdrop of a post-pandemic "recovery" after the National Trust closed all of its properties for the first time in the organisation's history and the subsequent cost restructure, these achievements are all the more significant.