National Pet Foodbank Service

Pets at Home Foundation and Blue Cross

As the UK continued to experience a rapid rise in the cost of living, more pet owners faced difficult choices as their finances became stretched. In some cases, people were having to consider giving up their pet because they could not afford to continue feeding and caring for them as they have in the past. Blue Cross and Pets at Home Foundation believe no-one should have to face this heart-breaking choice.

This is why in October 2022 we joined forces to deliver a Nationwide Pet Food Bank Service, to make sure no pet goes hungry and to help keep them at home where they belong, with their families. Our mission is simple, to help pet owners provide the best care for their beloved pets and to stand with them when they need that little extra support. By January the number of foodbanks supported surpassed 100, with over 863,000 pets fed for one day. By May this number grew further, with support now available in all four nations and over 1m pets fed for one day. Together the charities are continuing to build local connections and support to ensure people don't feel the pressure to give up to give their pet.