National disability swimming lessons

Level Water

Our entry highlights the partnership between Level Water, the disability swimming charity, and Everyone Active, a leading leisure provider.

This partnership has resulted in the successful launch of the Level Water program in 45 out of 50 contracts, with 178 young swimmers benefiting from specialist, personalised1:1 lessons. Furthermore, 277 teachers have attended disability training workshops, enhancing their skills and confidence in working with disabled swimmers.

Overall, the Level Water partnership with Everyone Active has had a profound impact on young disabled individuals across the UK, enabling them to become better swimmers, more confident, better communicators, and more resilient. Simultaneously, teachers have become better at working with young disabled people, more adaptable, and more inclusive in their practice. The dedication and commitment of Everyone Active to improving inclusion and access in their centres, including their participation in Swim England’s Water Wellbeing accreditation, further reinforces the excellent services they provide, and the partnership with Level Water shows a real organisational drive to meet inclusion objectives.