Nathalie Richards

SEO London

Nathalie has had a transformative impact on SEO London. Recognising the dire need for young people from underrepresented backgrounds to have equal access to career opportunities, particularly given the cost-of-living crisis, she introduced a data driven impact approach to reach the students who most needed our support. She’s also helped us to scale our impact by optimising our programmes in the UK, where we’ve operated since 2000, and launching programmes in France in September 2023. 

Nathalie has also spearheaded internal initiatives to ensure that SEO London is a great place to work. She created Innovation Friday, a monthly workshop where junior staff drive exciting changes across the organisation, Cultural sharing sessions where staff showcase their heritage to colleagues and a Skills Exchange where we meet to paint, rollerblade, jog or go on local walking tours. Nathalie is a fantastic leader who thinks as deeply about how she supports our staff as she does our students.

Nathalie has invigorated SEO London, propelling us forward into the promising future she strives for. Her unwavering dedication and passion are driving forces behind our amazing progress and her drive and dynamism have rubbed off on staff and partner firms alike.