Natasha Davis Whitehead

Noah's Ark Hospice

Natasha Davis Whitehead joined Noah’s Ark in 2021. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of Noah’s Ark and the importance of good palliative care. Natasha’s achievements include:

Transforming our brand Natasha led the project to create a new tone of voice, visual identity and marketing strategy. By putting the families we support at the heart of our brand, Natasha has changed the way we talk about our work, enabling us to reach more local families. Recruiting nurses Thanks to Natasha’s leadership, our award-winning nurse recruitment campaign doubled the number of Noah’s Ark nurses, allowing us to increase the number of children cared for by 24%. Raising £1.2 million Natasha created and led our awareness campaign, From That Moment. Featuring six of the families we support and photos by Rankin, the campaign was integral to our fundraising push which raised £1.2m. Changing the conversation Alongside her day job, Natasha works with organisations such as Heard, Grief Case and The Global Treehouse Foundation to change the way society views death. Natasha does everything she can help children who are seriously unwell live a happy life and die a good death. She deserves to win this award.