Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association

For far too long the story of motor neurone disease has been the same. Too many people facing MND alone, too many families torn apart – too many people losing loved ones before their time. In a year like no other the MND Association has drawn together the strength, courage and fighting spirit of our whole community. When things got tough, we worked harder, together. Throughout the pandemic, we kept one goal in mind – to provide people living with MND and their families reassurance, information and constant support. We didn’t wait for the call to help, we simply helped. We called people; we emailed them; we invited them to virtual one-to-one support sessions; we created new online events; we introduced an emergency grant; we campaigned with them and on their behalf; we inspired them to fundraise; we achieved one of our highest annual fundraising totals ever; we collaborated with new partners to develop vital services; we organised a global coming together of the brightest minds in MND research; we extended our research portfolio; we expanded our network; we grew our support. MND is relentless. And so are we.