Money Talks: Campaign Against Living Miserably and MONY Group's lifesaving partnership

Campaign Against Living Miserably

Suicide prevention charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) has joined forces with MONY Group (formerly Moneysupermarket Group) to create a lifesaving, industry-leading and strategic partnership that is tackling the tragic link between financial hardship and suicide.

The partnership has seen MONY Group donate £168,149 in just 1.5 years, so is well on track to smash the 3-year target of £225,000 which will fund 18,442 lifesaving calls to CALM’s helpline. At a time when someone in the UK takes their own life every 90 minutes, and where CALM has seen a 43% increase in people needing support around money worries, this partnership has never been so vital.

A highlight of the partnership is Money Talks: a pertinent campaign spotlighting the impact of the cost of living crisis on people’s mental health, featuring engaging videos to help tackle the stigma attached to talking about money worries along with guides on how to start those difficult conversations. MONY Group received this feedback from a customer off the back of Money Talks, which we think sums up the partnership perfectly: ‘’It isn’t only the content, it’s the care and compassion behind it.’’