Money Saving Boiler Challenge


In the UK, our homes are the third-largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions - directly responsible for creating around 70 million tonnes of CO2 annually. To reach the UK’s climate targets, we need to see homes cut emissions at a much faster rate.

Extensive research and testing revealed that the little-known, simple step of reducing boiler flow temperatures was one of the easiest and most effective ways for households to cut emissions - and that this would save money on energy bills too. In October 2022, against the backdrop of the cost of living crisis and rising energy bills across the nation, we launched the Money Saving Boiler Challenge to raise awareness of this energy saving measure and to help UK households to turn down their boiler flow temperature. Each household performing the action could save on average £96* a year from their energy bill and cut 173kg of carbon from their annual emissions. More than 214,000 people used our online tool, saving a total of £20m off energy bills and stopping 37,000 tonnes of CO2 a year from being released into the atmosphere. *Based on Cambridge Architectural Review research. Other findings state it could be around £112