MND Association Cost of Living Support Fund

Motor Neurone Disease Association

The MND Association’s Support Grant Programme supports people with and affected by MND to: have a better quality of life; have choice and control over what matters to them; receive vital equipment and adaptations when needed.

But as the cost of living crisis deepened it became clear that people with MND, whose finances are already negatively impacted by their disease, needed help on a much more basic level. The soaring cost of food, fuel and energy was leaving families affected by the progressive, terminal illness struggling and, in some cases, desperate. The MND Association needed to act – quickly. The Cost of Living Support Fund was introduced within weeks, offering every person with MND the opportunity to claim £350 with no means-testing and no requirement to provide evidence of how the money was spent. Importantly this amount was in addition to the claim limit of £3,000 per person within any 12 month rolling period. After a successful three month trial, the Fund was extended and, to date, around a quarter of a million pounds has been paid out to people living with MND, providing tangible support throughout the crisis. As Catherine said: “Without your support, things would be very difficult.”