Missing & Suicide Risk TextSafe® – reaching a missing people in crisis

Missing People

Last year a lifesaving charity messaging system was adopted by police forces across the UK.

Led by a partnership between the charities Missing People and Samaritans, Missing & Suicide Risk TextSafe® reaches missing people at risk of serious harm or suicide.

The partnership works across sectors to allow police officers responding to a report of a missing person to notify Missing People, where they can coordinate independently sending a text message offering confidential advice and support from both charities. "Thanks to Missing & Suicide Risk TextSafe®, people who are potentially in crisis have received text messages and phone calls, offering support. This is an excellent example of partnership working. I am pleased that many more forces across the UK are coming on board.” Superintendent Gareth Morgan, West Mercia police

Missing People is the only national organisation supporting and advocating with and for missing adults, children and their loved ones. Providing help, hope and a way to reconnect.

Samaritans is the leading suicide prevention charity. Their mission is that fewer people die by suicide. Delivering a national 24/7 helpline via 23,000 volunteers across 203 branches.