Michael MacLennan


Within a year Michael has built a charity which has reached more than 100,000 people through an innovative startup approach, providing a range of services and support for those significantly affected by Covid-19 in the UK. As part of its mission, he has also looked to ensure that the charity can act as a platform which boosts stretched third sector organisations, working in collaboration with them to form a supportive network.

Michael pioneered the creation of Covid Aid's innovative Support Community platform: a professionally managed online safe space featuring live expert Q&As, tailored support groups, and interactive courses in conjunction with other charities. He established a website hub which hosts more than 175 in-depth Advice and Information articles addressing a diverse range of needs, and Michael has forged a large number collaborative partnerships with the likes of the NHS, Marie Curie, and Asthma & Lung UK. He has achieved all this despite spending under £31,000 in the charity’s first year, less than the average salary of a full-time UK employee. Volunteering his time throughout, Michael has worked tirelessly to built connections and form a strong network of collaborative stakeholders, personally recruiting a first-class board and getting 60 volunteers on board.