Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Service

British Red Cross

It has been a remarkable year for the British Red Cross mental health and psychosocial support service. Run by staff and volunteers, they provide vital emotional and practical support to anyone caught up in a crisis – wherever they are. They are often deployed at a moment’s notice and have supported people during some of the UK’s most tragic and historic moments.

In the last year, they helped families returning to the UK from Gaza, creating a safe space to help people process what they had been through. And they were there for British Nationals who were evacuated from the conflict in Sudan. The team has also provided long-term support to those connected to the Infected Blood Inquiry here in the UK. They have been with many of those affected by this tragedy since its start in 2018 but crucially were with them as the Inquiry unfolded and when the report was published in May 2024.

The team of specialists have achieved incredible things. They’ve been there for thousands of people when they are at their most vulnerable, helping them understand how they are feeling after a traumatic experience and ensuring they’re able to deal with what’s happened to them.