Medical Aid for Palestinian’s and International Rescue Committee’s Emergency Medical Teams – volunteers risking their lives to save lives.

Medical Aid for Palestinians

Medical Aid for Palestinians, in collaboration with the International Rescue Committee, have sent six volunteer Emergency Response Teams (EMTs) into Gaza since December 2023 in response to the ongoing Israeli military onslaught. EMTs provide surge medical capacity to treat injuries and infections – saving lives and supporting existing hospital staff and the capacity of the local healthcare system in the south and centre of Gaza. 36 EMT volunteers have conducted 360 vital surgeries for Palestinians injured during the Israeli military’s indiscriminate bombardment. These teams are made up of courageous volunteers, risking their lives to save lives and support an equally courageous community facing unimaginable terror and destruction. The bravery, solidarity and values shown by our EMT volunteers deserve recognition through this award, painting a picture of the best of the third sector’s impact through volunteering.