Media Trust and MG OMD's Climate Charity Challenge

Media Trust

Over half of environmental charities struggle to communicate about the climate crisis effectively. That’s why Media Trust joined forces with media agency MG OMD to help environmental charities have impactful communications ahead of the landmark COP26 conference.

In June 2021, MG OMD mobilised 480 staff to lend pro-bono strategic communications support to Media Trust’s cohort of 29 environmental charities. The monetary value of their efforts exceeded an incredible total of £100,000, the largest demonstration of in-kind industry support we’ve received to date. The charities completed briefs, then MG OMD hand-matched teams of volunteers with each charity, based on skillsets. The teams met the charities to discuss these briefs and, two weeks later, presented proposals including target audience insights, short and long-term solutions, and an evaluation framework. At the end of the project, ten charities had already implemented MG OMD’s solutions. 100% agreed MG OMD’s support had improved their visibility and media activity. With MG OMD’s support, they have been able to increase their engagement with new audiences, as well as form new partnerships. Following last year’s success, MG OMD has provided £50,000 to co-fund Media Trust’s climate work, whilst offering extensive volunteer support to a new cohort of environmental charities.