Me & My Stammer for Action for Stammering Children

Media Trust

Action for Stammering Children (ASC) took part in Media Trust's Volunteer Films Programme, a scheme that matches volunteer directors with grassroot charities to produce powerful short films that spotlight important causes.

With Media Trust’s creative and other support, volunteer director Simon Matthews produced the award-winning ‘Me & My Stammer’ - a hopeful and empowering story about accepting one’s stammering, told through loveable characters. ASC are the national charity for children and young people who stammer, their families, and the communities who support them. They provide advice and information, conduct research, and campaign for policy and societal change leading to greater understanding and support for stammering in society. In coming up with ideas for our film-making approach, we consulted ASC’s Youth Panel (comprising young people with lived experience of stammering) to find out what themes they’d like to see explored in the film. The Panel boiled it down to one powerful message: “If someone has a problem with my stammer, it’s their problem – not mine.” The film was released on International Stammering Awareness Day, creating a positive wave of representation for young people who stammer that feels fresh and new.