Martin's Mountain

Spinal Injuries Association

Featuring Martin Hibbert, a survivor of the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017, Martin's Mountain aimed to turn an act of terror into a force for good. By climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in a specially adapted wheelchair this campaign has raised vital funds and awareness for over 50,000 people with spinal cord injury in the UK. It has changed perceptions of a condition that is too often seen as life limiting and showed with access to the right support, the everyday mountains that all spinal cord injured people face can be conquered. The financial outcome alone has surpassed all expectations with nearly £1 million raised and continues to grow.

Bringing together fundraising and education meant that more spinal cord injured (SCI) people can lead the fulfilled life they deserve without the barriers that so many face. Due to a struggling health system many SCI people live with the constant fear of being left without life-sustaining care leaving many desperate. Martin’s Mountain is delivering a message of hope. As Martin himself said; 'Look what someone in a wheelchair can do, when they are given the right help and support’. But for many, there is still a mountain to climb.