Ambient Support

Since his appointment in 2015, Mark Milton has been an agent of change. This transformation began 4-5 years ago and has taken Ambient from a low key NFP organisation into a dynamic, evolving entity that puts people at the heart of everything it does. Mark spearheaded the 'One Team' culture at Ambient successfully bringing together the three constituent organisations into one single cohesive brand. He has embedded our 5i Values firmly in the charity through regular staff engagement, including annual staff conferences and monthly staff awards. In early 2020 we moved from six different logos and brands to one logo, one brand and one voice. We completed the move from 28 sets of Terms & Conditions to 3, transforming Ambient into a fairer and more equitable employer. Our services have been enhanced by innovative partnerships and a clear care and support methodology we call 'The Ambient Way'. Mark headed up a robust COVID19 business continuity response that minimised the impact of the virus amongst both residents and staff. His 'One Team' compassionate leadership response during this challenging period means that 88% of employees believed we handled the pandemic well. Additionally, in a volatile financial environment Ambient's financial position remains healthy.