Mandy Mahil

Working Chance

Mandy Mahil, 28, joined Working Chance, the UK’s only employment charity solely for women with convictions, in February 2020. Her personal experience of prison and the women she has met on her life journey have convinced her of the need for women with convictions to have greater rehabilitation support and opportunities. She is a shining example of the charity’s values brought to life, and has worked incredibly hard to ensure that lived experience is at the heart of our work and that our services are evidence-based and designed to produce the best possible outcomes for women. In just over a year, she helped Working Chance develop a new organisational strategy, built around a consultation exercise she designed and led with 800 women with convictions (most of whom were in prison). She has introduced technological innovations which have transformed the way we work and communicate, and has driven forward the implementation of a new evaluation model using an ‘Outcome Star’. Mandy has so clearly demonstrated her aptitude and commitment that she has been promoted to Strategy and Impact Manager, and now leads a team. Her kindness, integrity, humility and determination to change the world around her inspire her colleagues every day.