Livia Firth

The Circle

We are honoured to nominate women’s rights activist and sustainability champion, Livia Firth, for this year’s Third Sector Celebrity Charity Champion.

Livia is driven by a desire to end violence against women and girls and ignite female economic empowerment everywhere. As a Trustee and Ambassador for The Circle, a charity founded by Annie Lennox to address the root causes of gender inequality and fight for the safety of women and girls globally, Livia brings incredible passion and energy. She uses her platform to support our advocacy and funding work to provide a lifeline for women experiencing violence and abuse. Married to Actor Colin Firth for many years, Livia has been privy to the glamourous world of red carpets and high fashion. Instead of accepting her privilege as a given, she has used it to champion causes she believes in, particularly the scandalous treatment of women and girls in the fashion industry. Livia has supported The Circle since 2008 and as a small team of six we are extremely grateful for her incredible commitment to our work. She has proven to be a powerful catalyst for our mission to end the scandal of poverty pay for millions of female garment workers.