Lifesaving Tools in Lifesaving Hands: Africa 2030


Today, 1.75 billion children globally do not have access to surgical care when they need it.

KidsOR is a global health charity focused on the provision of high quality, safe surgical services for children in low- and middle-income countries. Founded in 2018, KidsOR provide surgical teams with the infrastructure and training needed to transform the care available for their nation’s children. In 2020 KidsOR launched its Life-saving tools in life-saving hands: Africa 2030 project. Expected to enable at least 750,000 children to access surgical care that would otherwise have not been available to them, the project aims to instal of 120 Paediatric Operating Rooms, provide training scholarships to 100 new Paediatric Surgeons and to 100 new Paediatric Anaesthesia Providers. At the end of 2021, KidsOR Operating Rooms created capacity for more than 30,000 children to access care every single year. In so doing, this helps our partner surgical teams avert more than half a million years of disability for every single year. The projected economic benefit of this, when you consider children who will now grow up to contribute to their nation’s economy, is a staggering one billion US dollars a year, every year.