Creative Clinic

Langdon is a charity that helps hundreds of adults and young people with learning disabilities and autism across the UK to live independent lives through supported living, education, employment support and social activities. The organisation runs several fundraising events throughout the year, with one of its largest (in fundraising) being their annual Langdon Velo Cycle Challenge which had to be cancelled as a result of Covid-19. The cancellation of this and their annual dinner represented a major shortfall of around £400,000, so quick thinking was required to address this.

Langdon, wanted an alternative fundraising campaign in place of the cancelled ride which could be rolled-out quickly and maintain the goodwill of its loyal supporters, sponsors and participants which included Langdon members who trained to ride. Creative Clinic, proposed and created an online campaign rebranding as the Langdon Virtual Velo. Within two days, branding, a microsite, a promo film and social media was launched, all whilst everybody worked from home under lockdown.

This was followed by an emotional video message from the chairman, recorded from his doorstep and emailed to supporters. The campaign resulted in mass participation, increased brand awareness and over £265,000 being raised within just a few weeks.