Kris Healey


Kris, CEO of Spadework, has been instrumental in transforming the charity into a cornerstone of community support in Kent. Established in 1984, Spadework's mission is to provide opportunities for adults with learning and other disabilities, those living with dementia, and adults experiencing problems with their mental health. Celebrating its 40th year in 2024, Spadework won the Kent Charity of the Year, also achieving unprecedented financial success, generating a significant surplus for the first time. In the last 12 months, Spadework also won a Wilder Kent Award, a Great British Care Award, and a Kent Care Award, became a finalist at the Taste of Kent Awards, and was nominated for the National Diversity Awards and Kent Mental Wellbeing Awards. Kris navigated funding challenges, safeguarding essential services for vulnerable adults, enabling them to be more independent, feel less isolated, and live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. Kris’s strategic initiatives have bolstered Spadework’s social enterprises to record popularity. He is pursuing a Masters in Philanthropic Studies and an NVQ in coaching, whilst advocating for all local charities, demonstrating the importance of collaboration in the third sector. He is also a dedicated father to three young children, who are Spadework's biggest supporters.