Kirsty Preston


Since joining FoodCycle in March 2020, Kirsty has consistently gone above and beyond to support FoodCycle Community Meals across Birmingham.

Since then she has donated over 6,500 hours of her time to help support the charity and ensure that people continue to have access to a weekly nutritious meal and good company. During her time at FoodCycle Kirsty has worn many hats, from packing and delivering parcels, making weekly phone calls to those in need, getting up at 5.30am at the weekend to visit Birmingham Wholesale Markets for supplies, transitioning to a takeaway service and then finally supporting with the return to our Community Meals, none of which was an easy feat. Alongside the numerous volunteer hours she has donated, she also keeps the Birmingham social media pages up to date, engages with local business to support FoodCycle’s work and generally gets involved in anything she possibly can to support FoodCycle. “It’s hard to put in to words just how much impact Kirsty has made on her community, her consistency and dedication to the people that we support has meant that we have been able to continue to feed hundreds of people every week across Birmingham.”