British Heart Foundation

Kim Ferguson champions the British Heart Foundation (BHF)'s values compassionate, informed, driven and brave every single day, and over the past four and a half years, has been devoted to making sure our brand remains relevant and engaging for people affected by heart and circulatory diseases. She displays compassion by making sure that everyone she works with feels supported, respected and listened to.

Kim shows how informed she is about the BHF when she catches an incorrect spelling of familial hypercholesterolaemia. Or spots the wrong shade of red in your PowerPoint presentation. She even set up and trained a team of brand champions who help us look and sound our best. She demonstrated drive when she developed the BHFs first ever online course. And when she helped create a staff training programme that resulted in a fivefold increase in confidence in talking about the BHF.

And finally, she displays bravery by rising to challenges including a Diploma in Professional Marketing, managing the planning and production of a free glow in the dark poster which formed part of the 2019 Boy campaign, and serving as a key player in the BHF's Innovation team's working group.