Kids brand development

Red Stone

Kids is a charity that creates life-changing opportunities and speaks up for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

It was essential the brand was created in partnership and championed equality, diversity and inclusion – in addition to accessible design.

The discovery research had over 3,000 participants, with a lived experience panel consulted at each stage. So, when two brand positioning concepts were tested, we had an extraordinary 95% and 98% of people liking them.

Kids’ new personality is an ‘Opportunity Creator’, brought to life with four new values: Celebrate Individuality, Think Creatively, Work Together and Speak Up.

A new purpose, sense of empowerment and positivity sits at the heart of the brand: ‘When the world says we can’t, kids say we can.’ The brand story has been carefully crafted with a reading age of 11.

The logo showcases the name in a flag symbol reflecting the ‘K’ for Kids. It’s animated in a colourful and energetic way. To enhance accessibility, we crafted a typeface, ‘Popp Kids’, from the font Poppins, balancing personality and legibility.

One of the most distinctive features are graphic ‘sunburst’ devices, created using children’s artwork – allowing creativity and individuality to radiate throughout.